Tuesday, August 08, 2017

American lasagna

American cuisine is a rich and complex melting pot of foods and cooking methods that have been adapted and adopted from cuisines brought to the United States by immigrants.

In recent decades, lasagna has become enormously popular outside of Italy, particularly in the United States and Britain, but in the process the dish has been changed in a number of ways.

Introduced by Italian immigrants around 1900, these dish migrated to the African American and other communities to the point where Thanksgiving lasagna is not uncommon.

Lasagnas are held together with cheese. Ricotta cheese is often used in dishes such as American lasagna. It is often used in Italian desserts such as cheesecake and cannoli.

Most lasagnas are made with pasta, although other ingredients can be layered such as tortillas or slices of vegetables. The pasta need to be cooled before assembling the lasagna.
American lasagna
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