Friday, February 19, 2021

Maggi Instant Noodle

The Swiss brand MAGGI owned by Nestle makes a variety of products, including bouillon cubes, various Asian-type sauces, instant noodles and powdered soups.

According to World Instant Noodles Association (WINA), India is the 3rd largest and the most promising market for instant noodles in 2019. China/ Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan are among the top four markets for instant noodles.

The Oxford Dictionary defines instant food products as prepared and packaged food products that usually need water for the final cooking.
Over the years, the consumer lifestyle has changed and there is a move towards global taste and preferences.

Rapid urbanization has forced most people to adopt different dietary habits. Less time to prepare home cooked food means the modern diet is often lacking in important food components

Due to its characteristics like less cooking time, availability, affordability, anytime-anywhere consumption, Maggi instant noodles is no longer a snack food but it is now a mainstream food item in the grocery list of most of the households.
Maggi Instant Noodle

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