Monday, December 28, 2020

Noodle: Process of steaming

Wheat flour is the main ingredient for making Asian noodles. Noodles are typically made from unleavened wheat dough and are stretched, extruded, or rolled, and then cut into varying shapes.

The gluten network is developed during the sheeting process, contributing to the noodle texture.

In the preparation of instant fried noodles, commercial instant noodles are steamed before frying or air drying. Steaming is a key process in the manufacture of instant noodles. A high degree of starch gelatinization is required for the production of instant noodles.

The saturated steam processing helps to gelatinize starch and may have an effect on the textural characteristics of the final product. Processing in superheated steam is effective at gelatinizing starches, as the product has sufficient moisture and the temperatures are high enough to allow for gelatinization.

The noodle strands are steamed in a steamer and softened with water through rinsing or steeping. Steaming time is longer for hot-air dried noodles than for deep-fried noodles.

Boiling and steaming followed by air drying, significantly reduced cooking losses and increased the cooked weight thus, improved overall cooking qualities. But, steamed air-dried noodles, additionally, exhibited higher overall acceptability.
Noodle: Process of steaming

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