Monday, August 22, 2016

Curry noodles

Kuala Lumpur-style curry noodle is closely related to Singapore-style curry hor fun but the two dishes are not the same. The Kuala Lumpur-style dish uses Hokkien noodle and is served in a thin curry soup top with a thick curry sauce and chicken.

The curry noodle from Malaysia is highlighted prominently in both the menu and advertising materials. The spice ingredients have to be grounded and blend finely and the spice paste is then gently stir-fried.

Water is added to bring to a boil, followed by coconut milk, sugar and salt. Malaysian curry noodles is less spicy and more aromatic.

Japanese curry sauce is usually made from instant curry roux, which comes in block and powder. Ready to eat curry noodle is even available in retort pouches in Japanese supermarkets – just heat the contents and pour over noodles.
Curry noodles

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