Friday, May 05, 2017

South Asian wholemeal noodles

Wholemeal food products are made from whole grains that have been milled into flour of a finer texture. One of the most commonly eaten wholemeal foods in South Asia is wholemeal noodles.

These noodles can be rolled out and cut into long strips or squares, pinched and pressed into flat little pieces or rolled into balls.

Atta (wholemeal wheat flour) isna standard ingredient in South Asian homes for making Indian breads such as chapati. The flour can also be used to make noodles which are added to soups or cooked with dhal and vegetables. India produces approximately 1-2 millions tones of durum wheat, which is also used domestically for production of atta flour.

The wholemeal noodles are a good source of B vitamins and fiber. Wholemeal rice noodles may used as a gluten-free option.
South Asian wholemeal noodles
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