Saturday, April 01, 2017

Maggi noodles in India

Among the top noodles brand in India include:
Top Ramen
Ching’s Secret
Knorr Soupy Noodles

Noodles were perceived in India as a very Chinese product. Therefore, Nestle developed tastemakers, a small packet of flavoring, including masala, chicken, capsicum and garlic making the taste of Maggi Noodles Indian.
Maggi Noodles
The noodles then were marketed in India as a snack food. This strategy paid rich dividends of Nestlé as Maggi Noodles was the most successful launch of 1983.

Research indicates that the taste-maker and cooking instructions on the pack contributed significantly to the success of the product.

By 2003, India had emerged as the largest consumer of Maggi Noodles across all Nestlé markets in the world. Maggi Noodles had, in fact became synonymous within instant noodles in India.
Maggi noodles in India
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