Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Flat thick pasta: Fettuccine

It is flat ribbons about ¼ inches wide. Fettuccine is available dried as plain, spinach, tomato or whole wheat fettuccine. The name means literally “little ribbon”. A feather in the cap of the gastronomy of Rome and Lazio, egg fettuccine, which are of very old tradition, are made in every small town.

Fettuccine traditionally paired with sauce based on butter and cream that nicely coat each strand yet won’t overpower the mild flavor of the pasta itself. Fettuccine is excellent with light-bodied meat, vegetable, seafood, cheese and cream sauces.

Among the ingredients for homemade fettuccine: wheat flour, salt, eggs and sometimes a little water. For factory made, durum-wheat flour, eggs and sometimes water.
Flat thick pasta: Fettuccine
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