Monday, January 02, 2017

Assam laksa

Unlike the coconut-milk heavy curry version, assam laksa is an explosive combination of tamarind-laden fish broth and rice noodles.

Generally there are two types of laksa, one is served with a sourish gravy called assam laksa and another is eaten with a creamed based gravy that is the creamy laksa.

An essential ingredient in an assam laksa gravy is tamarind or some people prefer to assam keeping as souring agents for the fish.

The rich aromatic gravy is poured over a bowl of slippery rice noodles and topped with the cooked fish.

Assam laksa is served with condiments and garnishings like cucumber slices, thinly sliced onion, red chilies, torch ginger flower, pineapple, cubes and shrimp paste.

Variations of assam laksa can be found along coastal Malaysia and also in Borneo, leading some to believe that the dish originated from Malaysia fisherfolk.
Assam laksa
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