Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nutrition of pasta

Pasta is made from durum wheat flour, water and sometimes egg, which are mixed to a paste, then shape and partly baked, resulting a dried product with good keeping qualities.

It is a good source of carbohydrate and contains some protein, dietary fiber, potassium and iron. Fresh pasta offers good amounts of thiamine and iron, both important for healthy energy level.

And it contains fair to good amounts of blood-boosting niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B12. Pasta also has some magnesium which helps maintain proper blood pressure.

Some fortified pasta available in the United States contains 25% of their recommended daily intake of folate. As such it is being promoted as a good source of this vitamin, particularly for pregnant women.

Whole pasta made from the whole wheat grain will provide more fiber. The rich, brown-colored pasta takes longer to cook than the refined produce because of its fiber content.
Nutrition of pasta
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