Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pasta Processed from Low Test Weight Wheat

Pasta Processed from Low Test Weight Wheat
Test weight (lb/bu or kg/hL) is an important quality trait of wheat as it can effect numerical grade designation and milling performance.

There was a report in the relationship of durum wheat test weight to spaghetti quality.

It was found that test weight had a highly significant effect on durum wheat quality when considered in the absence of environmental damage.

As test weight decreased, durum wheat milling potential declined because of the combined effects of lower semolina yield, higher semolina ash, and duller semolina color.

They found that semolina ash and semolina color were affected by environmental growing conditions, and that low test weight resulted in improved spaghetti cooked firmness and resilience because of a strong negative relationship between test weight and wheat protein.
Pasta Processed from Low Test Weight Wheat
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