Friday, July 03, 2015

Water Absorption Index (WAI)

Noodle cooking quality is an important aspect in assessing processing quality of fresh noodles. The cooked noodle normally is evaluated for diameter; water absorption index; solid loss; hardness.

What is Water Absorption Index? WAI measures the volume occupied by the starch after swelling in excess water, which maintains the integrity of starch in aqueous dispersion.

According to one study increasing feed moisture significantly increased value of WAI of wheat flour extrudates; however, an increase in barrel temperature was observed to cause a significant decreased in values of WAI of the extrudates (J.Food Eng. 73:142-148).

The water absorption test is based on cooked noodle weight. Low cooked noodle weight indicates low noodle water absorption and high noodle cooking quality.

Pasta water absorption decreased as amylose content increased.
Water Absorption Index (WAI) 

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