Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What is macaroni?

Macaroni is fine wheat flour mixed with white of eggs: it comes from Italy, Sicily and Germany. Macaroni comes in shapes and sizes too numerous to mention. The varieties of macaroni are legion but one needs to learn which are best with which gravy or sauce.

Macaroni is made by adding tap water to semolina, farina, flour and other ingredients to form stiff dough with about 30 percent moisture.

The dough is extruded through a die into various shapes and forms under 1500 – 2000 psi pressure at 130 p 140 °F.

The wet macaroni then dried at 95 – 122 °F to 10-12 percent moisture.

The pasta called macaroni derives its name from the Italian world macaroni, originally the name of a food made from a paste of groats, a coarsely ground grain.

This Italian word developed from makaria, A Late Greek name for a broth made from barley groats, the Greeks in turn having formed this name from an older word meaning blessedness.
What is macaroni?

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