Monday, July 07, 2014

Chilled and frozen noodles

Quick freezing is necessary to produce good quality frozen noodles.

The texture of boiled noodles deteriorates very fast after cooking. By applying quick-freezing technology, the fresh quality of boiled noodles can be preserved and extended for up to 1 year if they are properly stored in a freezer.

It is quickly freezing fresh raw noodles to -15 ° C before packaging and then products are stored in a freezer. The freezing step preserves the fresh taste of boiled noodles for a long time period and has been applied to udon and ramen.

Noodles of this type are sold mostly from a central factory to noodle restaurants where they are thawed in a specially designed boiling pot and immediately served to guests, thus saving time and labor cost.

After thawing, frozen raw materials should retain quality characteristics similar to fresh raw noodles.

Frozen boiled noodles require a very short time less than 2 minutes to thaw and cook in boiling water, which allows restaurants to serve tasty noodles conveniently and efficiently.

Frozen noodles are easy to overcook. It is better to make sure all parts of the recipe ready first, then cook the noodles as a last step and serve immediately.
Chilled and frozen noodles

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