Friday, November 07, 2014

Air dried noodle processing

Noodle drying can be achieved by air drying deep-frying or vacuum drying. The air drying process has been applied to many types, such as Chinese raw noodles, Japanese udon noodles, steamed and air dried instant noodles and others.

Air drying usually takes 5-8 hours to dry regular noodles (long and straight) and 30-40 min, to dry steamed and air dried instant noodles.

For manufacture of instant ramen noodle, it is steamed for 30 min, dipped into a seasoning solution, cut and then dried for 30-40 min, using hot air drying at a temperature higher than 80°C.

The final product is then cooled and packaged. Air dried noodle have a low fat content so some people prefer them.  There are noticeable differences in flavor and texture between deep fried and air dried ramen, with the air dried noodles having more delicate structure, fresher taste, and better retention of nutrients.
Air dried noodle processing

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