Friday, January 29, 2021

Wet noodles

Wet noodles are one of the foods that are favored by all people. Wet noodle is a food product, which is made from the primary raw material of wheat flour with or without the addition of other food ingredients and allowable food additives.

Wet noodles are made from basic ingredients of wheat flour or wheat flour. The dough can be processed in one of two ways- either rolled out into thin sheets of dough and cut into strands or extruded using a machine. The strands are then steamed and may either be eaten fresh or further processed by drying.

Uncooked wet noodle is called raw wet noodles, while the cooked wet noodle is the noodle, which has been cooked by boiling or steaming.

Compared with dry noodles, wet noodles are fresher, with stronger boiling fastness, stronger gluten, better taste, and better flavor.

However, the high moisture of fresh wet noodles can easily lead to spoilage, browning, rancidity, and deterioration, damaging appearance, quality, and flavor.

The shelf-life of food is very critical in the food security system. In the case of wet noodles, it was reported that synthetic preservatives of a mixture of calcium propionate, sodium acetate monolaurin, and paraben or activated could prolong the shelf life.
Wet noodles

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