Sunday, March 14, 2021

Steamed noodles

The variations in noodle processing techniques results in sub-classification of noodles into four types i.e. fresh, semi-boiled, dried, boiled, and steamed noodles.

Steamed noodles are cooked in a steamer to the required moisture content and are mostly alkaline noodles.

Fresh alkaline noodle strands are steamed in a steamer and softened with water through rinsing or steeping. This type is also called “Yaki-Soba”, and it is often prepared by stir-frying for consumption.

In any type, freshly prepared and shaped noodles are steamed for 1–5 min at around 100 °C, so the texture is fixed by gelatinized starch and noodles are less fragile.

The addition of alkaline salts in gives them a yellower color, and a firmer, more elastic texture. The resultant noodles have a unique alkaline flavor, preferable to some people.
Steamed noodles

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