Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Lanzhou beef hand-pulled noodles

Lanzhou is an important city in the northwest, the capital of Gansu. The city is a major stop on the ancient "Silk Road" west of Xi'an. Situated on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, Lanzhou has been important for thousands of years because of the Corridor West of the Yellow River, in which early Chinese civilization began.

Lanzhou beef noodles is a century-old accumulation of food culture, as one of the three Chinese-style fast food pilot promotion varieties, it is known as “The first noodle of China.”

Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles, also known as one of the top ten Chinese noodles, are Islamic-style snacks in the Gansu Province. The noodles have special characteristics: “soup clear like mirror, the strong scent of cooked meat, thin noodles”.

The noodles also have a set of standards: “clear (clear soup), white (white radish), red (red pepper oil), green (green coriander and garlic bolt), and yellow (yellow noodles)”. Locally, people named them “beef noodles”.

Lanzhou noodles are non­fried, which gives them a fresh taste. These freshly made hand-pulled noodles are springy and meaty, with a chewy mouthfeel that you’ll never get from dried noodles.
Lanzhou beef hand-pulled noodles

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